The Advent Season is upon us, and the new Mass translation is rolling.  I like it.  Even though the priest forgot the Our Father, the Mass was very powerful.  I think going to Mass will go to the next level!  We are fortunate to have lived in these times as Catholics.  Vatican 2 was being implemented.  John Paul 2 was a charismatic Pope.  And now we see updates to the Mass that will only enrich it.  Exciting times!

It’s also a time to continue to evangelize as Catholics.  Encourage discussion with others with regards to the updates to the Mass.  Invite someone to go with you to Mass!  Also, use CATgear shirts and hoodies to spread the word.  Be proud of being Catholic!

National Catholic Youth Conference

Okay, ready to rock and roll in Indianapolis, Indiana that the National Catholic Youth Conference!

Mom and I set up earlier today then had a great meal. We’re bushed, but we’re ready to roll for tomorrow.  It should be a grand time with over 23,000 folks from all over the US in attendance.  It’s neat to see so many young people fired up for Christ!  Plus, it’s a great time to see the latest and greatest in the Catholic world.

We have a few new shirts like the ST. AUGUSTINE shirt, “We were made for you, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”  Powerful words, especially in these trying times!