Everyone wants to belong to something.  As Catholics, our faith connects us to each other throughout the world.  When I wear my CATHOLIC tee shirt, I always have someone come up and ask “where do you go to Mass?”  CATgear provides clothing so we can proudly wear our faith on our sleeve!

We are building community one event…one shirt…one person at a time!


“We have done two fundraisers in our parish with CATgear and both have been very successful.  I think the neatest part of this fundraiser has been the many comments I have received from customers who have had such positive reactions from other people while wearing their ‘Catholic’ shirts!  What a great way to evangelize the Catholic faith!
Sandy Seefeldt ~ St. Arnold’s Catholic Church ~ Milnor, ND     LEARN MORE




In the fall of 2000, we were looking for a way to help our high school students better understand their faith specifically with Mary and the Rosary, so we started with the HAVE YOU TALKED TO YOUR MOTHER LATELY shirt. Next, we wanted our kids to realize that their faith is not an hour a week but all the time, so we came out with the CATHOLICISM IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT shirt. Kids and parents began to wear them, and CATgear was born!    Click on Our Credo to learn more…