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December 2011

BE A REBEL shirts make an impact!

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Here’s some feedback from a customer:

I’ve worn them to RCIA (I’m helping with it this year) and I had scads of positive comments. I gave the website to people hoping they’ll buy some. I wear it most everywhere I go actually. My wife would not let me wear it to her parent’s house a couple of weeks ago, however (they’re fundamentalists who greatly objected to us becoming Catholics). I intend to continue to wear the shirts everywhere I go. All I can say is I love the Rebel design and it gets a lot of attention!!

Do you have a story about wearing CATgear shirts, hats, or hoodies that you’d like to share? Please send us an email at dominic@CATgear.com so we can post it on our blog and Facebook page.

Customer Reviews

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This is from a customer in Virginia, and we appreciate it very much, thanks!
“I’ve been a fan of your site for some time now, keep up the good work.
Your T-Shirt designs almost always elicit positive responses from people,
particularly the ‘Peace/Justice’ T-Shirt. I’ve taken to carrying St. Francis
holy cards in my pocket whenever I wear that shirt and give them out to
anyone who comments on it. I just purchased one ‘Peace/Justice’ T-Shirt
and one ‘Be a Rebel’ T-Shirt as gifts and would love to have on of each to
keep for myself. Thanks for the promotion.”

Buy One Get One Free!

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Yes, you read that correctly!  From now through Friday, December 16th, when you buy one item, we’ll send you a second item (same or less value) for FREE!  Yes, I said FREE!  Just send us an email when you place your order and tell us which item you’d like for FREE.

This is a great way to get your final Christmas shopping done AND spread the faith!


Easy Christmas Shopping

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I know, I know…you still have time to shop.

This is just a friendly reminder that CATgear products are easy ways to encourage folks to “wear their faith on their sleeve!”  We have Catholic shirts, hats, and sweatshirts that are available.  Also, we can simply dropship the items for you.  Just email us and let us know where you’d like it shipped, and we’ll take care of it.

While you’re at it, please check out our newest products:  CATHOLIC affliction style (which is a tee shirt) and your basic CATHOLIC sweatshirt.

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