That’s been our goal from the beginning. In the fall of 2000, we were looking for a way to help our high school students better understand their faith specifically with Mary and the Rosary, so we started with the HAVE YOU TALKED TO YOUR MOTHER LATELY shirt. Next, we wanted our kids to realize that their faith is not an hour a week but all the time, so we came out with the CATHOLICISM IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT shirt. Not only did the kids wear the shirts, but parents, family, and friends began to wear them, too. Thus, CATgear was born. CAT comes from three sources. First, Dominic’s lastname, CATalano. Second, this ministry is a CATalyst to help others in their faith journey. Third is our CATholic faith which has been around for 2000+ years.

Brimming with energy, a very quick wit, and a passion for living the authentic life, Dominic Catalano brings excitement, humor and purpose to Catholic evangelism. A Central Florida native, Dominic graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1990 and travelled the world for over seven years before returning home. Since 1997, he has ministered to all ages, especially youth and young adults, through youth ministry, confirmation and high school retreats, and speaking engagements throughout the country. In 2004, Dominic started CATprints to publish a variety of books and calendars. Besides completing his Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies from the Center for Ministry Development, Dominic has officiated hundreds of basketball games from the YMCA to the college level. He enjoys spending time traveling, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends.

If you would like to have Dominic come to your school, youth group, or church to share his faith through his experiences in the Coast Guard, CATgear, or basketball officiating, please contact Dominic today!

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Be God’s,
Dominic Catalano

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