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CATHOLIC T Shirt in navy blue

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Here’s another option of the CATHOLIC shirts with navy shirt and white ink.  Available in S-XXL!  Be ready to tell people abour your CATHOLIC faith when you wear this shirt!  Sometimes folks will want to ask about your parish or what time you go to Mass!  This shirt is a great conversation starter for sure!

New BE A REBEL T Shirt

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BE A REBEL….BECOME CATHOLIC!  This classic shirt will really set you apart.  It’s easy today to buy the easy way out.  America is struggling on many fronts, and she has lowered standards across the board.  Yet, the Catholic church continues to hold firm to the original deposit of faith.  The faith is under attack in general, and the family is under attack in specific.  For the past 2000 years, the Catholic Church continues to stand firm and strong regardless if it’s the easy way out!


Buen Camino T Shirt

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This shirt is in honor of the 9 days and over 200 km that my brother and I spent on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain in April of 2010.  What a wonderful experience of hiking, meeting new people, thinking, praying, and eating new and delicious foods.  The Camino takes folks from all over Europe to Santiago de Compostela which is situated in the northwest part of  Spain.  St. James the Apostle is buried there at the Cathedral there.  Pilgrims come from all over thew world and complete all or part of the pilgrimage for a variety of reasons.  Some walk and some ride bikes or horses.  The scallop and yellow arrow are important symbols and markers along the way.  Can you find them on the shirt (the back is blank)?  If you’ve spent time on the Camino, then this shirt will help you tell your story.  If you haven’t spent time on the Camino, then I recommend you figure out a way to make it happen!  Buen Camino!

Your Basic Catholic Tee Shirt

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The Catholic tee shirt is one of our most popular shirts because it’s pretty simple and gets right to the point.  It was inspired by my college COAST GUARD sweatshirt from years ago, and I wanted something similar that would promote my  Catholic faith.  We had a navy sweatshirt with white ink, and the font was basically the same.  It was warm and comfortable, and it could be worn with just about anything.  20+ years later, I still have mine!  The word CATHOLIC really throws people off sometimes.  If I wear it in the DC area, then folks think it’s CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY.  Anywhere else I get looks (and double looks).  I’ve had people ask me “are you Catholic” (yes!) or “where do you go to Mass” (St. Mary of the Lakes in Eustis, FL or St. Patrick in Mt. Dora….when I’m home).  I’ve had a few folks actually tell me that it reminded them to go to Mass or to tell a story from CCD, CYO, or their Newman Club from college days.  It’s a conversation starter for sure and a gentle reminder to myself to “wear my faith on my sleeve!”

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