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Late on Sunday 14 Aug…in Madrid

It’s late here, relatively speaking.  When you throw in the midday siesta and a Madrid v. Barca football game, things get going late in Madrid.  I’m going to stroll through Plaza Sol on my way back to the hostel to get some sleep.  Tomorrow will be a big day as I move to the simple lodgings and meet my groups later in the evening.  We’ll do some recon in the local area, tackle the metro, and just get them into the swing of things here.

The weekend has been quite busy with prepping the WYD backpacks for the incoming pilgrims in our groups.  We handled 1000+, so it was quite taxing but oh so fun to work together!  The guides blew off some steam dancing and singing at a local pub, so that was quite enjoyable.  Mass continues to be a great daily interaction with God.  I’ve enjoyed the daily Mass and quite time to rest and reflect my soul.  Amazing how well the day goes when I take the time to enjoy Mass and the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  Powerful stuff.  Last night’s reading was from Joshua, and he was reminding all the tribes of Israel that “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  Easy to say, tough to do on a regular basis.  Yet, it’s a decision that I need to make every single morning before I get out of bed.  Lord, will I serve You today….or not?  Yesterday is past, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.  God makes us to return to Him, and we meet Him in the Sacraments as often as we like.  The decision to serve Him is mine and mine alone.  I find that when I surround myself with positive and drama-free folks that it is easier to say YES to serving Him.  When I immerse myself in the Sacraments and make time to be quiet and in His presence, then it’s easier to say YES to serving Him.  World Youth Day in Madrid will be another opportunity to surround myself with a million or more pilgrims who are seeking an encounter with Christ!  Exciting times!  Yet, tomorrow morning will be here soon.  Will I say YES to serving Him?

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