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More thoughts on Rio and WYD

By July 31, 2013Blog, Brazil

Last Saturday started with a great breakfast then a quick change of plans.  Since the Vigil had been moved to Copacabana Beach, the walk was to be changed, too.  We took the metro to Gloria then did recon on the box lunch distribution.  It was a mess, lines were long, etc. so we did some negotiating and grabbed our 60 lunches.  After a break and some food, we started walking toward Copacabana Beach along with thousands of others.  Flags from all over accompanied us as we headed south.  Sure we were sore, and yes, it seemed a bit long especially with a pack.  However, the energy of everyone along the walk just simply pushed us along.  It was neat to see flags from all over the world, and it gave me a better sense of the catholic (as in universal) church.  Angola, Zambia, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, South Korea, China, and much more!  So fun!  We walked back to the hotel, and the excursion took about 6 hours total.  After a quick change, our group split and spread throughout the beach.  By this time it was close to 6 pm, and the beach and road were packed with people, tents, sleeping backs, cardboard, and a variety of camping goods.  It was crazy!  I saw a few from my group, and I eventually headed to the office to watch Benediction.  From there I saw my good friend Jose Diaz enroute my room.  Great to catch up with him, JP, and Michael as the represented Brooklyn.  They told me that the bishop was with their group for a few hours on the beach earlier that evening!

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